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Ride with us to Orbit Beers this Wednesday (07.07.20)

Orbit do not have a taproom on site but they do allow beer collection and take away from the brewery. If you’re interested in riding with us, please get in touch on our Join a ride page.

The team will meet up in Wimbledon at 12 with the aim to leave at 12:30. The weather is looking 50/50 at the moment so please make sure to bring a waterproof jacket in case we do get a little bit of rain.

This ride is an easy ride and will be mostly flat. There will be a mix of different rider abilities and bike types so feel free to join on whatever two wheeled (or three wheeled) push bicycle you have.

We will ride at a speed that the group is comfortable with as we want to be as inclusive as possible and will not leave anyone behind.

Meeting point

Our meeting point for this cycle club ride will be South Park Gardens in Wimbledon. We'll meet at the centre of the park and go from there. This is a spot away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre that is easy to find.

Find it on the map below.

We will aim to meet at 12:00 with the aim of leaving at 12:30. The ride is approx. an 18 mile round trip and we will aim to be back in Wimbledon for 17:00.

The route

(The route above isn't perfect but gives a good idea)

The route for this ride is pretty basic, we’ll be taking a slightly different route in order to differentiate from our last ride to Wild Card Brewery.

We will ride over to Earlsfield via Durnsford Road before cutting over to Garratt Lane by The Pig and Whistle pub.

From there we will ride over to Wandsworth past The Ram Inn (home to SlyBeast Brewery) and join the A3 towards Clapham. We’ll take this road all the way along to Clapham Common and take a left along Cycle Superhighway 7 (our favourite route). We will then follow this route up to Oval and take a right after Kennington Park.

We will than snake through the back roads of Kennington to Fielding Road in Walworth where the brewery is located.

The beer spot

Our beer spot on this ride will be Burgess Park which is right round the corner from the brewery. Burgess Park has a beautiful Lake and has a wonderful view of the city.

We’ve also checked, and you’re allowed to drink in this park… we won’t make the same mistake we made last time.

The route home

For our route home we’ll be taking Cycle Superhighway back to Clapham before cutting through Wandsworth Common, into Earlsfield and back to Wimbledon!

Join us

We would be delighted if you wanted to join us on this route, whether it is riding the full distance or picking up the ride as we come by where you live please contact us via email at or join our dedicated Tour de Hops Cycle Club WhatsApp group.

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